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Goodbye, Canada: A information to departure tax, withholding tax for non-residents

Exemptions from the departure tax

Some property, like pensions and property held in registered retirement financial savings plans (RRSPs) and tax-free financial savings accounts (TFSAs), are exempt from an exit tax. They’ll stay tax-deferred or tax-free, because the case could also be. RRSPs and pensions can also be thought of tax-deferred and even tax-free in another country. TFSAs are most certainly to be taxable in another country that doesn’t acknowledge this uniquely Canadian account.

On the time of departure, deferred capital positive factors are triggered on taxable capital property like these held in non-registered accounts, as if the investments have been bought.

Non-public firm shares can also be topic to a deemed disposition, except the shares are of a enterprise that’s carried on by way of a everlasting institution in Canada. Consulting companies and holding corporations would typically not be thought of to take care of a everlasting institution in Canada. The lifetime capital positive factors exemption could also be obtainable for certified small-business company shares or certified farm or fishing properties.

Actual property is exempt from the departure tax; the capital positive factors tax is payable on a subsequent sale, if relevant. Additionally, the principal residence exemption will not apply the yr after leaving Canada.

Quick-term residents

There may be an exemption from the deemed disposition guidelines and ensuing capital positive factors tax for short-term residents. A taxpayer (aside from a belief) who was a resident for lower than 60 months throughout the 10-year interval earlier than leaving Canada can exclude property owned once they final grew to become a resident. Property inherited after turning into a resident can be excluded for these short-term residents.

Deferring departure tax

You’ll be able to defer the cost of the departure tax payable upon turning into a non-resident. No curiosity applies to the deferred tax, both. Tax can then be paid upon the next sale of the asset sooner or later.

If the federal tax owing is greater than $16,500, it’s essential to present the Canada Income Company (CRA) with ample safety for the deferred tax. This requirement applies to residents of Quebec on the decrease threshold of $13,777.50 of federal tax. Examples of acceptable safety embrace the property themselves or a monetary establishment letter of credit score. The CRA will typically overview the safety yearly to approve the continued tax deferral.

Unwinding a deemed disposition

In the event you depart Canada and subsequently return sooner or later, you possibly can elect to unwind the previous deemed disposition if you re-establish Canadian tax residency. This leads to the deferred tax being cancelled. Nonetheless, deferred tax would nonetheless be payable sooner or later upon sale, primarily based on the unique price base of the property.



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