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The Craziest Conspiracy Theories Folks Swear Are 100% True

There’s an opportunity you’ve got heard somebody discuss a conspiracy principle so insane you can’t assist however roll your eyes. Or perhaps the other is true. You hear one thing and go, “Sure! Why do not extra individuals select to imagine this?”

Both means, you are not alone. I personally assume conspiracy theories make the world a lot extra enjoyable. And the enjoyable factor about them is you by no means know if they’re simply “loopy” or if they’re info hiding in plain sight.

Everybody has a type of hills they’re keen to die on, and these Redditors really feel strongly about their theories and why they imagine in them. Dive in.

1. Joe Jackson Exploiting Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson
Picture Credit score: Shutterstock.

Joe Jackson is the daddy of pop king Michael Jackson and expertise supervisor of the Jackson household, however not many good phrases could be stated about him. He was tagged “one of the crucial monstrous fathers in pop” and was accused quite a few occasions, even by the late Michael, of abusing and exploiting his youngsters, amongst different heinous crimes.

Folks swear that Joe Jackson gave Michael Jackson puberty blockers to extend his profession.

2. Lip Balm Makes Your Lip Drier

woman hand over mouth smirk
Picture Credit score: Shutterstock.

How loopy is that? It would not be the primary time a product is designed to make use of it extra usually. Folks level out that lip balm has phenol, salicylic acid, and menthol elements. These are all designed to make your lips drier, encouraging you to make use of extra lip balm.

3. Frozen Is a Cowl-up for Disney’s Secret

Picture Credit score: Walt Disney Photos.

This one is a private favourite.

Frozen was made solely to make sure that when individuals search “Disney Frozen,” they will get outcomes for the film as a substitute of the concept that Walt Disney’s head is frozen and hidden someplace in Disneyland. 

4. Cougars Are Not Extinct…Are They?

Cougar, Mountain Lion, Puma
Picture Credit score: Shutterstock.

Somebody’s been doing numerous analysis:

“There are breeding populations of cougars within the US East of the Missouri River.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has maintained that the inhabitants went extinct in 2011 and that every one cougar sightings have been particular person vagrants which have wandered lots of of miles East of their breeding grounds.”

5. Ugly Sonic Was a Advertising Transfer

Ugly Sonic
Picture Credit score: Paramount Photos.

Ugly Sonic is the title of the unique design for the Sonic The Hedgehog film. It acquired main dislike from the general public that it needed to be reworked. Ugly Sonic regained consideration as he’s stated to be a supporting character within the 2022 hybrid movie Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

6. Males’s Deodorant Trumps Ladies’s Deodorants

Woman pinching nose, stinky, smelly, ew
Picture Credit score: Shutterstock.

I additionally imagine within the principle that girls’s “scientific” deodorant, which is tremendous costly, by the way in which, is identical as males’s common deodorant. Folks use males’s as a less expensive different and see the identical outcomes. Coincidence?

7. Mattresses Shops Are Big, Fluffy Fronts

Woman in Mattress Store
Picture Credit score: Shutterstock.

Give it some thought for a second. Mattress shops have little to no promoting, are by no means hiring, and appear to have no prospects, but they thrive on this financial market. It appears loopy to assume, however now I am actually intrigued.

8. Ladies’s Clothes Lack Pockets for a Purpose

Jean Pocket
Picture Credit score: Shutterstock.

Ladies all over the place know the battle: that pair of pants you like would not have pockets. Design oversight or plot to assist maintain your complete bag and purse trade. We’ll allow you to determine. 

9. It is The Wealthy vs. Poor, At all times

Rich Vs Poor
Picture Credit score: Shutterstock.

Many conspiracy theorists imagine that the wealthy feared a brand new French Revolution following Occupy Wall Road. In consequence, they’re closely investing in artificially inflating tensions concerning social points by the media. The logic is that if “the peasants” are too busy preventing one another, they can not assault the wealthy. 

10. Michael Jackson’s True Mother and father Are Not Who You Assume They Are

Diana Ross
Picture Credit score: NBC Common, Inc.

One theorist supplied a prolonged publish to assist their declare. Whereas Google solely has information of Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson being the pop star’s dad and mom, this individual believes in any other case.

“I’m satisfied that Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson are Michael Jackson’s precise dad and mom. (All credit score to YouTube channel An American Scheme).”

“That is why he was the expertise within the Jackson household and why there have been rumors that he was Evan Ross’s father (they each seem like Diana). Smokey would’ve been 18 and Diana 14 years outdated when Michael was born, so Berry Gordy organized to have the child given to his outdated boxing buddy and fellow musician from Chicago, Joe Jackson, who he would fund, resulting in the formation of the Jackson 5.”

Sadly, Michael handed on in 2009 and may neither acknowledge nor dispute the declare.

Boloere Seibidor, fondly referred to as B.S. is a Nigerian-based author and poet. Her favourite matters to cowl embody music, particularly Hip-Hop, movie, way of life, and style. She’s been printed by Feral Journal, Fantasy Journal, The Temz Evaluate, and most notably, Wealth of Geeks. She enjoys romantic dinners, film nights, and touring new websites. When she’s not writing, she’s delving again in time to the underground world of Hip-Hop, watching TikTok, or visiting the cinema.



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