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Buying and selling alerts “click on a button” Ponzi

Liska fails to supply verifiable possession or government info on its web site.

Whereas Liska does cite “Charlee Mangar” as its co-founder and COO…

…Mangar is represented by a inventory picture and fictional company bio.

In different phrases, Charlee Mangar doesn’t exist.

Liska’s web site area (“liskaio.professional”), was privately registered on June twelfth, 2023.

If we go to Liskar’s affiliate login web page, we are able to see the native language is about to Chinese language:

This implies whoever is definitely operating Liska has ties to China.

Observe that though it’s being run by Chinese language admin(s), Liska is focusing on the Philippines and Bangladesh:

Additionally observe that, in an try to look respectable, Liska claims it has been “licensed by the US MSB”.

We have now a US MSB license and are regulated by FinCen.

Your funds are regulated and guarded by US FinCEN

Liska seems to be registered with Fincen by Liska Finance Investments, a Colorado shell firm.

FINCEN isn’t a monetary regulator, nor has it “licensed” Liska.

All whoever is operating Liska has achieved is register a shell firm with bogus particulars, after which register the shell firm with FINCEN.

This requires minimal effort past supplying bogus particulars and fee of small charges. In different phrases, with respect to MLM due-diligence, it’s meaningless.

As at all times, if an MLM firm isn’t overtly upfront about who’s operating or owns it, suppose lengthy and exhausting about becoming a member of and/or handing over any cash.

Liska’s Merchandise

Liska has no retailable services or products.

Associates are solely capable of market Liska affiliate membership itself.

Liska’s Compensation Plan

Liska associates make investments tether (USDT).

That is achieved on the promise of a passive return:

  • make investments 50 USDT and obtain 1.5 to three USDT a day
  • make investments 100 USDT and obtain 3 to six USDT a day
  • make investments 200 USDT and obtain 6 to 12 USDT a day
  • make investments 500 USDT and obtain 15 to 30 USDT a day
  • make investments 1000 USDT and obtain 30 to 60 USDT a day
  • make investments 1500 USDT and obtain 45 to 90 USDT a day
  • make investments 2000 USDT and obtain 60 to 120 USDT a day
  • make investments 5000 USDT and obtain 150 to 300 USDT a day
  • make investments 10,000 USDT and obtain 300 to 600 USDT a day
  • make investments 20,000 USDT and obtain 600 to 1200 USDT a day
  • make investments 30,000 USDT and obtain 900 to 1800 USDT a day
  • make investments 50,000 USDT and obtain 1500 to 3000 USDT a day

Liska pays referral commissions on invested USDT down three ranges of recruitment (unilevel):

  • degree 1 (personally recruited associates) – 15%
  • degree 2 – 8%
  • degree 3 – 4%

Becoming a member of Liska

Liska affiliate membership is free.

Full participation within the hooked up earnings alternative requires a minimal 50 USDT funding.

Liska Conclusion

Liska is one more “click on a button” app Ponzi scheme.

Liska’s “click on a button” Ponzi ruse is buying and selling alerts:

The introduced ruse is Liska associates log in and click on a button (the extra invested the extra the button must be clicked).

Clicking the button purportedly corresponds to buying and selling alerts, that are acted on. Earnings are purportedly generated through automated buying and selling.

If that is not sensible it’s as a result of it doesn’t. Clicking a button in an app doesn’t magically generate automated returns.

In actuality clicking a button inside Liska does nothing. All Liska is doing is recycling newly invested funds to pay earlier traders.

Liska is a part of a bunch of “click on a button” app Ponzis that emerged in late 2021.

Examples of already collapsed “click on a button” app Ponzis utilizing the identical buying and selling ruse embody Esom and Raysbot.

Together with Liska, BehindMLM has to this point documented eighty “click on a button” app Ponzis. Most of them final just a few weeks to a couple months earlier than collapsing.

“Click on a button” app Ponzis disappear by disabling each their web sites and app. This tends to occur with out discover, leaving nearly all of traders with a loss (inevitable Ponzi math).

The identical group of Chinese language scammers are believed to be behind the “click on a button” app Ponzi plague.



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