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Leasing ruse “click on a button” app Ponzi

SMD fails to supply possession or government info on its web site.

SMD’s web site area (“”), was privately registered on September twenty third, 2023.

If we take a look at SMD’s web site source-code we discover Chinese language:

This strongly suggests whoever is working SMD has ties to China.

As at all times, if an MLM firm will not be brazenly upfront about who’s working or owns it, assume lengthy and exhausting about becoming a member of and/or handing over any cash.

SMD’s Merchandise

SMD has no retailable services or products.

Associates are solely in a position to market SMD affiliate membership itself.

SMD’s Compensation Plan

SMD associates make investments Pakistani Rupees (PKR)

That is accomplished on the promise of a every day return:

  • VIP1 – make investments 1700 PKR and obtain 207 PKR a day capped at 12,006 PKR
  • VIP2 – make investments 3600 PKR and obtain 529 PKR a day capped at 30,682 PKR
  • VIP3 – make investments 7800 PKR and obtain 1182 PKR a day capped at 68,556 PKR
  • VIP4 – make investments 15,800 PKR and obtain 2508 PKR a day capped 145,464 PKR
  • VIP5 – make investments 27,500 PKR and obtain 4583 PKR a day capped at 265,814 PKR
  • VIP6 – make investments 46,800 PKR and obtain 8509 PKR a day capped at 495,522 PKR
  • VIP7 – make investments 67,800 PKR and obtain 13,560 PKR a day capped at 786,480 PKR
  • VIP8 – make investments 98,200 PKR and obtain 20,458 PKR a day capped at 1,186,564 PKR
  • VIP9 – make investments 156,000 PKR and obtain 34,657 PKR a day capped at 2,010,686 PKR

SMD pays referral commissions on invested PKR down three ranges of recruitment (unilevel):

  • stage 1 (personally recruited associates) – 26%
  • stage 2 – 3%
  • stage 3 – 1%

Becoming a member of SMD

SMD affiliate membership is free.

Full participation within the hooked up earnings alternative requires a minimal 1700 PKR funding.

SMD solicits funding in PKR by OnePay.

SMD Conclusion

SMD is one more “click on a button” app Ponzi scheme.

SMD’s “click on a button” Ponzi ruse is the leasing mannequin. This time it’s deep-sea mining gear.

The offered ruse is SMD associates log in and click on a button (the extra invested the extra the button must be clicked).

Clicking the button purportedly retains the leased gear powered and producing income. For some purpose SMD shares a share of this income with its affiliate traders.

If that is senseless it’s as a result of it doesn’t. Randoms clicking a button in an app doesn’t hold fictional deep-sea mining gear powered.

In actuality clicking a button inside SMD’s app does nothing. All SMD does is recycle newly invested funds to pay earlier traders.

SMD is a part of a bunch of “click on a button” app Ponzis which have emerged since late 2021.

Together with SMD, BehindMLM has to date documented ninety-seven “click on a button” app Ponzis. Most of them final a couple of weeks to a couple months earlier than collapsing.

“Click on a button” app Ponzis disappear by disabling each their web sites and app. This tends to occur with out discover, leaving the vast majority of traders with a loss (inevitable Ponzi math).

The identical group of Chinese language scammers are believed to be behind the “click on a button” app Ponzi plague.



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