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Skyway Capital Ponzi reboots with SWGT token

Skyway Capital is at it once more. On their umpteenth reboot, the Ponzi scammers are hoping to fleece traders by way of the newly created SWGT token.

SWGT is a continuation of Skyway Capital’s failed SWG token.

SWG’s ruse was Skyway Capital’s non-existent monorail infrastructure would generate passive returns for SWG bagholders.

SWG has developed a International Transport Token system normal.

The system is constructed into sensors in each part of rail, each turnstile, and into apps on customers’ cell phones.

Its perform won’t be restricted to paying fares, as real-time knowledge from the system can be utilized to automate dispatching and rolling inventory management programs.

SkyWay’s automated transport management system implements instantaneous settlements between ecosystem individuals.

This consists of transport companies, enterprise tenants inside transport system areas, infrastructure contractors, and traders.

Each paid fare for each section, each service rendered inside the ecosystem is taken into consideration routinely and virtually immediately. Thus settlements are dealt with routinely, with no human issue.

In an October fifth press-release, Skyway Capital admitted this didn’t occur as a result of a “lack of technical capability”.

After we launched the SWG utility token, we envisioned a fast and profitable implementation within the uST transport and infrastructure complexes in line with the idea outlined within the white paper.

Nevertheless, as a result of obvious lack of technical capability, implementing SWG in uST was now not doable.

Consequently, the undertaking was placed on maintain.

SWGT is extra of the identical advertising nonsense, however with a “decentralized market” twist.

SWGT freelance market is a digital platform that connects expert freelancers from across the globe with shoppers in search of their experience charging customers with 0% fee

Why use Ponzi riddled SWGT as a fee platform versus the bajillion different crypto tokens promising the identical?

*cue crickets chirping*

SWG bagholders are in a position to convert SWG into SWGT at a ratio of 1:1.

The catch is SWGT tokens might be locked till it opens as much as the general public, at present scheduled to happen in 66 days (~December seventeenth, 2023).

With little interest in Skyway Capital exterior of a number of generations of victims and crypto token bagholders, SWGT is all however assured to break down as quickly because it goes public.

However that’s in fact by design. SWGT is nothing greater than a fast 2023 vacation season money seize.

The Skyway Capital Ponzi has passed by a lot of names all through a number of collapses. Presently it’s generally known as Unitsky String Applied sciences and SWG International.

All iterations of Skyway Capital are owned by Russian nationwide Anatoly Unitsky.

Unitsky is believed to have fled Russia and now spends his time between Belarus and Dubai.



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